Plastic Bag Opening

One of the key vacuum products of VMECA Magic Gripper series, can be applied to a wide range of industrial applications. In particular, Magic Grippers can be used for bag (pouch) opening and transfer application where is high flow rate even leakage and fast evacuation time by high flow and fast response. As well as a wide variety of VMECA vacuum products are used in related industries.

Handling Flexible Packages

New product: Magic Suction Cup of VMECA had been supplied for very thin foil product handling application. Due to the characteristics of these high-speed robot applications, the existing ordinary suction cups could not be applied but using the X-type Magic Suction Cup there was no problem and perform well.

Plastic/Pouch Bag Opening

Apply the Magic Suction Cups to open the plastic bags by suctioning the vinyl on the package. With specially designed inside of X-type suction lip of Magic Suction Cup which is very good to use for handling plastic bags. This application was used in conjunction with a VSMR vacuum pump, which was applied directly to suction cup.

Carton Box Transfer

V-Grip System of VMECA can do multiple operations with a single gripper system which can transport a wide range of products and make it easy to build a vacuum system. In particular, VMECA V-Grip System applies for a variety of sizes carton boxes, which is without tooling change.

Pick & Place Automation

This is the application which spider speeder pump (SC-pump) applies to packaging machine with Magic Suction Cup.High speedy moving Delta robot handling application is usually required very fast response time so VMECA's SC-pump was installed. In order to enhance its performance, Magic Suction Cup was used instead of typical suction cups. P-Type Magic Cup was used as it needed to vacuum and transfer the liquid pouch pack at high speed.