Vacuum Holding for Testing & Measuring

>>Vacuum Holding for Testing & Measuring

Vacuum Holding for Testing & Measuring

VMECA Keyboard Pump can be used across a wide range of industries and applications. Owing to the integrated vacuum filter in one body of the pump with auto filter cleaning system, the dust/ particles are cleaned every cycle. And the individual vacuum is available with keyboard pump. In addition, a wide variety of VMECA vacuum products have been used in many different application in electronics industries.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Solutions against Dusty Environments.

High performance can be me maintained with the Keyboard Pump, due to the automatic cleaning function. After each cycle, the foreign matter is exhausted back out and helps keep the filter element clean.

Zoning is possible with the Keyboard Pump.

When purchased as a stacked unit, each Keyboard pump can be equipped with its own Air Control Valve, Release Valve, Vacuum Switch, and Vacuum Filter.

Highest Productivity.

In order to increase the productivity, the Vacuum Generator must be able to keep up with the applications with quick cycle times. With all the necessary components being integrated into a single body, it is easy to keep maintenance and also does not require a complex design method to use the Keyboard Pump.

Small Footprint Product.

The Keyboard Pump is an ultra-compact unit. They are only 10mm in width and can be installed in narrow spaces.

VMECA Vacuum in application

ProductKeyboard PumpVKM62



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