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Plywood Production/Processing

PM Pump application case for one time processing. The PM Pump is applied as it requires a high degree of vacuum even at low air supply pressure. Air saving devices are also used as there is no vacuum loss.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Strong vacuum for safe transportation.

Internationally patented, VMECA’s vacuum cartridges are able to produce a rich suction flow rate with low air supply. Since up to four cartridges can be installed, you are able to pick your suited needs and safely grab wooden products, such as plywood.

Cartridges can be replaced.

With conventional systems, if the vacuum generator isn’t working properly, you may have to replace the entire unit. With the PM Pump, you are able to replace the Vacuum Cartridges and get the vacuum generator back to operational. This means you are able to save on maintenance costs, and minimize the down time.

Optional Air Savings Kit for minimal air consumption.

By using an Air Savings Kit, you can effectively reduce air consumption. When the desired Vacuum Level is reached, the air supply will cut off and maintain the vacuum inside the chamber. When the Vacuum Level drops to an unsafe level, the air supply will briefly turn on and return the Vacuum Level back to the desired limit.

The use of air saving devices can effectively reduce the air usage. As soon as the vacuum pump has reached its intended vacuum, it can be cut off to minimize the air supply to the pump.

Solid Aluminum Body.

Plastic pumps can easily be damaged by collision, and also during winter time. Since the PM Pump is made of an aluminum body, it has a much higher resistance against damage and corrosion.

VMECA Vacuum in application

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