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Solar Panel/Solar Cells

Non-touching Floating suction Cup (NF-Cup) integrated with multi-stage vacuum generator and it has large vacuum flow and powerful suction force in non-contact handling. This is good for transfer several thin and porous items without damage and deformation.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Transporting Solar Cells without Damages.

If the Vacuum generator and Suction pad were not combined as an assembly, there is a risk of damaging the solar cells due to contact. However, with the NF pad, the solar cells can be transferred without ever making physical contact.

All-in-One systems eliminate extra steps.

Because the NF pad is an all-in-one, a point of use vacuum, there is no need to design separate piping or hoses for connection. This allows for easier maintenance and cost savings through materials needed.

Multi-stage means High Flow.

The multi-stage nozzles utilize less air consumption than a single chamber vacuum generator and allow for higher vacuum output.

Cost Savings & Minimal Maintenance.

Since the NF pad is an all-in-one system. You can eliminate the need for purchasing the necessary components separately. This allows for an easy installation and keeps the maintenance simple.

VMECA Vacuum in application 

Product 1NF PadNF60-06-9P-18F




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