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It is an application to transport large-scale wood by applying a magic pump to multiple tube robots. By applying the Magic Pump, the piping configuration is simplified.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Designed specifically for large workpieces/products.

Internationally patented, VMECA’s vacuum cartridge can be equipped with up to 4 vacuum cartridges. This means it can generate high vacuum, which is great for applications with large and heavy workpieces.

Solutions for dust/debris from Plywood Transport.

The Turtle Pump has an automatic cleaning function. This means the blow-off function (if equipped) can release the dust and debris from the vacuum generator after each cycle.

Simplified Mounting Design.

The Magic Pump can be separated into 3 different stages. The airport, the vacuum port, and exhaust port. They can also be rotated into the desired position. This makes mounting the unit easier, and versatile for the design process.

High durability Suction Cups should be used when transporting rough wooden products.

When an untreated wood is being transported, the contact surface can be very rough. This can cause the Suction Cup wear down much more quickly and shortens the overall lifetime of the Suction Cup. Maximum durability can be achieved with the PU (Polyurethane) material.

VMECA Vacuum in application

ProductMAGIC PUMPM3134-01-2




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