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Keyboard Pump, a key product of VMECA , which is applied throughout the injection equipment and is used in a wide range of industries as an individual vacuum system.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA


All-in-One System.

VMECA Keyboard Pumps are used in many different industries. From injection equipment to individual vacuum system, they excel as an integral part of our vacuum generator line. All the required components to running a vacuum system are integrated onto the Keyboard Pump. Such as the Air Control Valve, Release Valves, Vacuum Switch and Filter Element all integrated into one body.

Automatic Cleaning Functions

After each cycle, the release valve will exhaust any foreign contaminants from clogging the filters.

Individual Vacuum System. (Zoning)

Stack-able vacuum system that can be controlled individually.

Built-in Filter Element.

A built-in filter element prevents any foreign dust or particles from entering the vacuum generator.

VMECA Vacuum in application  


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