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Metal Stamping/Parts Assembly

VMECA’s Valock System secures the moving part of steel plate assembly line that requires safety so that no disruption can occur make them safe and fast. Many other VMECA Vacuum products are used in related industries.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Productivity Improvements.

With a single Valock System, you can transfer various types of products. They can compensate for the level differences, and also adjust to the shape and curvature of the product. The braking system also allows for the product

Transferring Stability.

The Smart Cup is able to absorb the shock when transporting the workpiece. This allows the workpiece to be transferred safely and quickly.

High Durability.

When using the PU (Polyurethane) material for the Suction Cup, the durability is improved by about 2-3 times when compared to a general Suction Cup. Also, it is great for oily surfaces and products that are shaped irregularly.

Convenient Maintenance.

There are no tools needed when replacing the Sealing Lip on the Smart Cup. This allows for minimal downtime and quick changeovers when an application changes.

VMECA Vacuum in application  

Product 1Valock SystemBX407B-FCF100-BJ-PU-M12F
Product 2Turtle PumpVTC3031-2-ASV-D3R3-DL-SG2




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