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Metal Stamping/Press Transfer

The VSA system, which is equipped with VMECA's safety stopper on the press line, prevents impact drops due to the isolation of the combined Pads and Adapters at sites where there is a risk of frequent impact drops.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Quick Response & Simple Configurations.

Using an adapter with VMECA’s Cartridge System, you are able to generate vacuum with quick evacuation time. Also adding the safety of when using multiple Suction cups, when one suction cup fails to absorb the product, the others are not affected by the vacuum leakage.

Convenient Maintenance.

There are no tools needed when replacing the Sealing Lip on the Smart Cup. This allows for minimal downtime and quick changeovers when an application changes.

No Issues with Different Height of Products.

Regardless of if the workpiece has different height dimensions, the Level Spring Adapter can be applied to adjust for the proper height compensation. This allows for different products with different height requirements to be easily and safely transported.

Make Adjustments Conveniently.

The VSA system allows for free-moving adjustments and repositioning, for quick conversions of the tooling as the workpiece changes.

VMECA Vacuum in application 

Product 1Swivel ArmVSA27-15
Product 2Smart CupVDF60-SM-PU-L30-18F




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