Handling Flexible Packages

>>Handling Flexible Packages

Handling Flexible Packages

New product: Magic Suction Cup of VMECA had been supplied for very thin foil product handling application. Due to the characteristics of these high-speed robot applications, the existing ordinary suction cups could not be applied but using the X-type Magic Suction Cup there was no problem and perform well.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

The best solution for high speed, pick & place applications.

For high-speed pick & place, the Magic Suction Cup with X-type is implemented for high-speed vacuum response, for products that are difficult to handle by the standard Suction Cups. While the conventional suction cup requires assembly of all the necessary parts separately, such as a suction cup, level spring and others. The Magic Suction Cup is a combination solution of pads, level springs, to reduce overall design costs. You are able to replace only the Sealing Lip portion of the Magic Cup to minimize the maintenance time, as well as save on the maintenance parts.

Transferring Various Products.

The modular Magic Suction Cup can be assembled/dissembled in seconds. With no tools required, you are able to change the Sealing Lip if the transferring product changes. This means that you can pick up a wide variety of products with a minimal End of Arm Tooling.

Compensate for differences in height on the surface.

Depending on the shape and size of the work-piece, curvature and height differences may occur. You can use the Magic Suction Cup reliably, for products with inaccurate pickup position. The Magic Cup is able to compensate for any size difference, height difference, and even the shape differences.

VMECA Vacuum in application

Product                Magic Cup        B2.5/20-X30

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