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Glass Forming and Transfer

Transfering the curved glass product is completed by installing the Turtle Pump and the Smart Cup (one of the VMECA core vacuum products) on the robot. The automatic cleaning function of Turtle Pump is particularly effective for problems caused by scattered dust or debris during the transfer process. In addition, when grabbing the relevant curved glass, a vacuum suction cup with a ball joint is required, but this process often encounters the problem that the ball joint cannot be restored. However, this problem is avoided by using the VMECA Smart Cup and the higher interleaving frequency is achieved in a short time.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Energy Efficiency equals Cost Savings.

The use of motorized pumps or a single-nozzle vacuum generator results in high energy consumption when compared to the efficiency of multi-stage generators. VMECA’s innovative vacuum cartridges, are able to produce large vacuum flow with minimal air consumption. Even when the air supply is unstable, the performance of the multi-stage generators is still able to maintain stable vacuum performance.

Great Solution for Dusty Environments.

Any dust or debris that may be absorbed by the vacuum may end up clogging the vacuum generator. The Turtle Pump’s design allows the blow off function (Valve required) to remove any foreign particle from the vacuum zone after each cycle.

Suitable for Curved Glass Products.

When using a standard Suction Cup with a separate Ball Joint, there can be an issue as the Ball joint may not return back to the original position. However, with VMECA’s Smart Cups, the Ball Joint always springs back to the original position after each use, this will minimize the chances of errors. Also, it is able to handle a wider degree of angles. After changing the standard Ball joint to the Smart Cup, we were able to shorten the Air Savings (optional) time and production efficiency has increased.

VMECA Vacuum in application

Product 1Turtle PumpVTC3031
Product 2Smart CupF100T
Product 3Level SpringL1250T




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