De-stacking Layers of Sheets

>>De-stacking Layers of Sheets

De-stacking Layers of Sheets

The current model is mainly applicable to plywood transfer lines, where turtlenecks are mainly used because they require durability, such as wood dust, from the plywood processing process.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Maximized Energy Efficiency.

When using a motor-operated pump or a single-stage vacuum generator, it requires high energy consumption. With VMECA’s innovative Vacuum Cartridge technology, not only does it produce large vacuum flows, the air consumption is minimal, even when the supplied pressure is low.

Productivity Improvements.

VMECA’s vacuum cartridge system is able to generate 1.5 times more vacuum flow when compared to the conventional systems. Even when the supplied air pressure is low, it is able to maintain stable vacuum.

In a dusty environment, durability is a must.

By applying the Turtle Pump in wooden applications, even if wood particles or debris gets absorbed through the vacuum chamber, the integrated filter system is able to prevent foreign substances from entering the pump to drastically enhance its durability. After each cycle the blow off function is able to evacuate all foreign dust and debris out of the vacuum zone.

Transporting products with different heights.

Even though all the products may be different in size and height, it is possible to transport a wide range of plywood by applying a Bellows Pad and a Level Spring to compensate for the difference in height.

VMECA Vacuum in application 

Product 2PADVF30
Product 3LEVEL SPRING1810T




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