De-stacking Layers of Sheets

>>De-stacking Layers of Sheets

De-stacking Layers of Sheets

The Turtle Pump model, one of the key vacuum products of VMECA, is available in a wide range of industries. In particular, problems caused by dust, flying dust, or debris that are common in acrylic plate fabrication and processing applications are managed very efficiently by the auto cleaning function of the Turtle Pump. In addition, a variety of VMECA vacuum products are used so variously in related industries.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Maximized Energy Efficiency.

When using a motor-operated pump or a single-stage vacuum generator, it requires high energy consumption. With VMECA’s innovative Vacuum Cartridge technology, not only does it produce large vacuum flows, the air consumption is minimal, even when the supplied pressure is low.

Dusty Environments requires Durability.

By applying the Turtle Pump, even if wood particles or debris are mixed in the environment, the automatic cleaning system is applied to prevent foreign substances from entering the pump to drastically enhance its durability.

Magic Cups “EB” type is efficiency in processing Plastics.

When using the Turtle Pump with the Magic Cup EB type, you are able to maximize the vacuum force for workpieces such as plastics/acrylic.

Handling Stability.

Regardless of the shapes and sizes that plastic and acrylic panels come in, the Magic Cup is able to compensate for the different heights and curvature of the product. The bellows in the Magic Cup is able to safely and smoothly transfer plastic/acrylic panels.

VMECA Vacuum in application

Product 1Turtle PumpVTC3134
Product 2Magic-CupEB1.5/20-U30-S5-B-18F
Product 3Level SpringL1820T





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