De-stacking Layers of Sheets

>>De-stacking Layers of Sheets

De-stacking Layers of Sheets

Magic Pump, as one of VMECA's core vacuum products, can be applied to various industries. In particular, Magic Pump's automatic cleaning function can very efficiently manage the glass debris, dust, and a series of problems due to debris that is common in glass manufacturing and other processing applications. In addition, VMECA's various vacuum products are also widely used in various industries.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Multi-stage efficiency.

The use of motorized pumps or a single-nozzle vacuum generator results in high energy consumption when compared to the efficiency of multi-stage generators. VMECA’s innovative vacuum cartridges are able to produce large vacuum flow with minimal air consumption. Even when the air supply is unstable, the performance of the multi-stage generators is still able to maintain stable vacuum performance.

Solution against Dust & Particles.

Even if dust or debris from the glass manufacturing process is inhaled in through the vacuum, the automatic cleaning function for Magic Pump can automatically clean the internal filter every cycle and then maintain optimal performance.

Magic Pump doesn’t require a separate Manifold.

The Magic Pump that can generate sufficient vacuum flow even when used with multiple vacuum suction cups during glass transfer. With many vacuum ports available, you can use the pump as a vacuum manifold without having to purchase additional accessories.

All shapes & sized glass can be transferred efficiently.

Since safety is the most important factor when transferring glass, it is important to use products that can reliably grip the glass.

VMECA Vacuum in application 

Product 1Turtle PumpM3134
Product 2Magic-CupB2.5/40-F55-PU-B-18F
Product 3Level SpringL1820T




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