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Carton Box Transfer

V-Grip System of VMECA can do multiple operations with a single gripper system which can transport a wide range of products and make it easy to build a vacuum system. In particular, VMECA V-Grip System applies for a variety of sizes carton boxes, which is without tooling change.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Transferring a variety of objects with a Single Tooling System.

The biggest advantage is being able to handle a variety of products without having to replace the tooling configurations. You can transfer different sizes and shapes with a single V-Grip system. Also, with integrated check valves in place, you are able to pick up objects with an uneven surface when used with the special sealing foam.

Carton Boxes are porous. And porous products require High Vacuum Flow.

It is necessary to have a sufficient vacuum flow rate when transferring carton boxes due to the characteristics of corrugated being porous. The V-Grip system comes standard with our VMECA Vacuum Cartridges. These compact, yet efficient generators offer high output, even when the input pressure becomes unstable or irregular.

Durability against Corrugated Fibers.

When picking up carton boxes, the fibers may end up clogging the Venturi system, which can cause poor vacuum performance. But the V-Grip systems have a built-in mesh filter that effectively protects from any dirt or debris from entering into the system.

Fast & Easy Maintenance.

This high technology product was built with our customers in mind. The V-Grip system is a user-friendly unit that is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can also replace the VMECA Vacuum Cartridges and Sponge Foam with ease as needed.

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