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This is the application which spider speeder pump (SC-pump) applies to packaging machine with Magic Suction Cup.High speedy moving Delta robot handling application is usually required very fast response time so VMECA's SC-pump was installed. In order to enhance its performance, Magic Suction Cup was used instead of typical suction cups. P-Type Magic Cup was used as it needed to vacuum and transfer the liquid pouch pack at high speed.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

The best solution for high speed, pick & place applications.

The Spider Pump coupled with the Magic Cup is able to successfully handle objects that require fast cycle times.  When using a standard system, you will need to use a Suction Cup, Level Spring, a Vacuum Generator and will need to be sourced separately, and also require assembly. With the Spider Pump and Magic Cup assembly, you can save time and costs, as everything is integrated. Point-of-use systems eliminate unnecessary volume inside of the vacuum chamber, allowing for fast evacuation and response time.

Various types of products can be transferred.

Depending on the type, shape, and size of the transported product, the Magic Cup can cover a variety of different objects by solely changing out the Sealing Lip. Able to compensate for a difference in level and height the Magic Cup is the end game solution.

VMECA Vacuum in application  

ProductSpider PumpSC202P-C
ProductMagic CupB2.5/40-P60-S5-D-14M




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