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In a variety of applications in the relevant industry (electronics) that require the transfer of various electronic products. VMECA V-Grip System can be used for many several applications for different size and shape of the application as a proper solution.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Limited Space Solution.

Due to the nature of these applications, there are often times where space is confined and limited. The V-Grip system is equipped with VMECA’s Vacuum Cartridges and has the ability to produce vacuum at the point of use. It is very easy to install and you may replace parts, such as the soft sealing foam, when needed.

Cost Savings & Minimal Maintenance Required.

The product was designed as a single product without extra suction cups, generator, and additional pipes. This minimizes the parts that need maintenance. Also, it allows the V-Grip system to be installed in narrow spaces.

Transfer Products without Damages.

Due to the characteristics of some of the electronic components produced, they are vulnerable to damages from contact and also static electricity. The V-Grip system’s soft sealing foam will eliminate any chance of damaging the components during pickup. Also, the soft sealing foam is anti-static, and prevent any damages on the components.

Maximize Productivity.

When using a motor-operated pump or a single-load vacuum pump, it generates a higher energy consumption than the vacuum efficiency that can be created. However, with the international patented VMECA’s innovative vacuum cartridge technology, not only does it produce a large intake air flow rate with low air consumption, but it also delivers a stable supply air pressure.


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