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Automated Pick & Place

Using Magic Gripper in Automation Line could reduce costs and reach out fast response, also improve its durability with Auto cleaning system.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Improved Durability.

The Pump’s cartridges are protected against dust, dirt, and debris that can be vacuumed in during operation. Particularly, when it’s a machining application, the shavings and leftover parts can clog up the inner vacuum chamber, which can minimize performance or even damage the internals of the pump. However, the Magic Pump is designed to clear out any foreign materials after each cycle of operation.

Increased Productivity & Reduced Maintenance Costs.

The integrated filter element allows for a simpler mounting design. Also, this means the volume in the vacuum chamber can be kept minimal, which enables faster evacuation time.

The Magic Pump uses our VMECA Vacuum Cartridge technology, which offers stable performance, even when the compressed air pressure fluctuates.


Product 1MAGIC PUMPM3134
Product 2PADU25-S5




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