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One of the key vacuum products for VMECA, the Magic Gripper model, is widely available in a wide field of industries. In particular, the suction problems of pouch products that are common in pocket-opening applications can be solved with strong adhesion by rapid response speeds. In addition, a wide variety of VMECA vacuum products are used in related industries.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Cost Savings and Maximum Efficiency can be achieved.

When using a motor-operated pump or a single-stage vacuum generator, it requires high energy consumption. With VMECA’s innovative Vacuum Cartridge technology, not only does it produce large vacuum flows, the air consumption is minimal, even when the supplied pressure is low.

Quick Response Time.

Since the Magic Gripper has the Vacuum Generator and Suction Cup integrated into one body, the response time is fast as it is used as a point of use vacuum system.

Easy Maintenance.

By being able to replace the Suction Cups without any tools, it will minimize downtime and increase productivity.

Strong Suction Force.

Using VMECA’s cartridge technology, the Magic Gripper is able to pick up a variety of objects with strong suction force.

VMECA Vacuum in application 

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