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This is Turtle Pump model. It is a case of transporting wood raw materials. It is managed very efficiently by the auto cleaning function of the turtle pump in the problem of vacuum pump worn out by dust and debris generated from wood.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Overall production cost savings and maximum energy efficiency are required.

Using VMECA’s innovative cartridge technology, which is also patented internationally, you are able to create large vacuum flows with low air consumption. Also, stable vacuum can be maintained even when the air supply is unstable.

Solution for dust/debris from Plywood Transportation.

The Turtle Pump has an automatic cleaning function. This means the blow off function (if equipped) can release the dust and debris from the vacuum generator after each cycle.

Optional Air Savings Kit can be applied to minimize air consumption.

By using an Air Savings Kit, you can effectively reduce air consumption. When the desired Vacuum Level is reached, the air supply will cut off and maintain the vacuum inside the chamber. When the Vacuum Level drops to an unsafe level, the air supply will briefly turn on and return the Vacuum Level back to the desired limit.

Easy Maintenance.

With other units, if the vacuum generator isn’t able to generate the proper vacuum flows and levels, you would have to replace the entire unit. With the Turtle Pump, you can replace the vacuum cartridges that are integrated internally. The vacuum cartridges can purchased separately as a spare part.

VMECA Vacuum in application





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