Robot Pick & Place

As one of VMECA's core vacuum products, Vacuum Speeder could be applied in a wide range of industries. In particular, in glass manufacturing and machining applications area. It can provide reliable transferring through individual vacuum technic. So it can variously be used in related industry.

Glass Forming and Transfer

Transfering the curved glass product is completed by installing the Turtle Pump and the Smart Cup (one of the VMECA core vacuum products) on the robot. The automatic cleaning function of Turtle Pump is particularly effective for problems caused by scattered dust or debris during the transfer process. In addition, when grabbing the relevant curved glass, a vacuum suction cup with a ball joint is required, but this process often encounters the problem that the ball joint cannot be restored. However, this problem is avoided by using the VMECA Smart Cup and the higher interleaving frequency is achieved in a short time.

De-stacking Layers of Sheets

Magic Pump, as one of VMECA's core vacuum products, can be applied to various industries. In particular, Magic Pump's automatic cleaning function can very efficiently manage the glass debris, dust, and a series of problems due to debris that is common in glass manufacturing and other processing applications. In addition, VMECA's various vacuum products are also widely used in various industries.