Solar Panel/Solar Cells

Non-touching Floating suction Cup (NF-Cup) integrated with multi-stage vacuum generator and it has large vacuum flow and powerful suction force in non-contact handling. This is good for transfer several thin and porous items without damage and deformation.

Automated Pick & Place

In a variety of applications in the relevant industry (electronics) that require the transfer of various electronic products. VMECA V-Grip System can be used for many several applications for different size and shape of the application as a proper solution.

Robotic Pick & Place in Electronics

VMECA's innovative and newest solution product: Mini-Gripper is able to be used in a variety of semiconductor handling application. In particular, in the semiconductor industry is often required transferring multiple products with a single tool - and VMECA Mini Gripper can be more effective models. In addition, many different VMECA vacuum products are used in electronics.

Vacuum Holding for Testing & Measuring

VMECA Keyboard Pump can be used across a wide range of industries and applications. Owing to the integrated vacuum filter in one body of the pump with auto filter cleaning system, the dust/ particles are cleaned every cycle. And the individual vacuum is available with keyboard pump. In addition, a wide variety of VMECA vacuum products have been used in many different application in electronics industries.