The VMECA level compensator is used to compensate for differences in height on the surface of the material that is to be lifted. The advantages being a more reliable and less precise pickup position when handling a product that may be less consistent with it shape, size, and position. The level compensator also provides a degree of shock absorption should this be required. The level compensator comes in configurations with varying sizes of spring and stroke.


General Specifications

Part NumberStrokeWeightMaterialAvailable VMECA Cups
L3820TS20mm79.6gAL, BS, SSG3/8″ Female Suction Cups
L3830TS30mm85.4gAL, BS, SSG3/8″ Female Suction Cups
L3850LT50mm88.3gAL, BS, SSG3/8″ Female Suction Cups



L3800 series: Stroke-15~50mm
Unit: mm


Order Numbers

Vacuum Cartridge

Part NumberDescription
L3820TSLevel Compen, 20mm ST, G3/8 Male, G1/8 Female, Top Ported, Int. Spring
L3830TSLevel Compen, 30mm ST, G3/8 Male, G1/8 Female Top Ported, Int. Spring
L3850LTLevel Compen, 50mm ST, G3/8 Male, G1/4 Female Top Ported, Int. Spring


Catalog & CAD files
CAD 2D File
L38 series
CAD 3D File
L38 series
L38 series

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