The VMECA suction cup has several accessories that can be used for various applications. Level Compensator to help you pick up an uneven product, Ball Joint to compensate for an irregular horizontal surface, and various size of fittings.

  • Ball Joint

    The VMECA Ball-Joint referred to as a universal joint is for use when a degree of angular compliance is required, more commonly used with flat type cups which unlike bellows do not allow for much angular compliance as part of their design. The vacuum port is integral through the center of the joint thus providing a neat and compact solution.

  • Level Compensator

    The VMECA level compensator is used to compensate for differences in height on the surface of the material that is to be lifted. The advantages being a more reliable and less precise pick up position when handling product that may be less consistent in it shape, size and position. The level compensator also provides a degree of shock absorption should this be required. The level compensator come in configurations with varying sizes of spring and stroke.