VMECA was established on May 22, 1991. VMECA continued to strive to give great customer service and offered high-quality products that can be trusted. This allowed VMECA to grow and build its first branch office outside of Korea in Germany(V’tec VakuumTechnik GmbH (currently the name of company was changed VMECA GmbH)) on October 15, 2001.

As the popularity of VMECA quickly gained its way, there were many high demands outside of the country which led to a branch office being built in the United States(Vtec USA, Inc.) on March 5, 2003. On September of 2015, established VMECA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. branch office in Thailand and open its China branch office in Guangzhou, China (VMECA Guangzhou Co., Ltd.) on May 2017.

Through many innovative products, VMECA has patented many products all throughout the world and obtained many CE certifications and trademarks through 1991-2018. As of July 13, 2010, VMECA has obtained 7 GOST certifications as well.