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VBX Series
Dual Bellows Suction Cups
w/Large Lip & Cross Groove

Features and Strengths

The VBX is particularly good for use on curved surface and for separating thin sheets of materials in stacks. The double bellows suction cup is very good at compensating for various degrees and curvatures of a work piece. The cleats at the bottom of the suction cup allow the VBX to have a very good grip on the holding object.

Examples of use:
Veneer Sheets, Metal Sheets, Plywood, Carton Boxes, Glass

Suction Cup Size Suction Cups Main Page
Suction Cup Cup Diameters Lifting Force (Kg) Perpendicular Lifting Force (Kg) Parallel
mm in -20 kPa -60 kPa -90 kPa -20 kPa -60 kPa -90 kPa3
VBX35 35 1.38 2.6 4.4 7.0 - - -
VBX45 45 1.77 6.4 8.8 10.5 - - -
VBX55 55 2.17 7.6 10.1 12.2 - - -
  *CAUTION: Please be aware that the VBU suction cup does NOT have cleats on the suction cup as the VBX suction cup.
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