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Magic Suction Cups
X-EB type Suction Lip

Features and Strengths

The VMECA Magic Cup is a configurable suction cup depending on vacuum applications. There are many options for Suction Lip size, cup material, and fittings. Especially it is very good at plastic bag opening applications. The EB type has a efficient valve.

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1. Top-Bellows
Symbol Description
EB1.5 Top-Bellows, 1.5 Folds, Efficient Valve
EB4.0 Top-Bellows, 1.5 Folds + Middle Bellows, 2.5 Folds, Efficient Valve
EB5.0 Top-Bellows, 1.5 Folds + Middle Bellows, 3.5 Folds, Efficient Valve
2. Top-Bellows Size
Symbol Description
20 20mm Diameter, only for X25, X30-type Suction Lips
40 40mm Diameter, only for X45, X55-type Suction Lips
3. Suction Lip
Symbol Description
X25 X-type Suction Lip, 25 mm Dia.
X30 X-type Suction Lip, 30 mm Dia.
X45 X-type Suction Lip, 45 mm Dia.
X55 X-type Suction Lip, 55 mm Dia.
4. Lip Material
Symbol Description
N6 Nitrile (NBR), 60° Hardness
S3 Silicone, 30° Hardness
S5 Silicone, 50° Hardness
W3 White Silicone, 30° Hardness
W5 White Silicone, 50° Hardness
W3(FDA) White Silicone, 30° Hardness (FDA)
W5(FDA) White Silicone, 50° Hardness (FDA)
U6 Urethane, 60° Hardness
PU Polyurethane, 60° Hardness
5. Stopper
Symbol Description
A A-type
B B-type
C C-type
D D-type
6. Filter
Symbol Description
Blank No Vacuum Filter
F2 Vacuum Filter, 200 mesh
7. Fitting
Symbol Description
18F G1/8 Female
14F G1/4 Female
18M G1/8 Male
14M G1/4 Male
38M G3/8 Male
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