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Magic Suction Cups
X-type Suction Lip

Features and Strengths

The VMECA Magic Cup is a configurable suction cup depending on vacuum applications. There are many options for Suction Lip size, cup material, and fittings. Especially it is very good at plastic bag opening applications.

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1. Top-Bellows
Symbol Description
B1.5 Top-Bellows, 1.5 Folds
B2.5 Top-Bellows, 2.5 Folds
B4.0 Top-Bellows, 1.5 Folds + Middle Bellows, 2.5 Folds
B5.0 Top-Bellows, 1.5 Folds + Middle Bellows, 3.5 Folds
B6.0 Top-Bellows, 2.5 Folds + Middle Bellows, 3.5 Folds
2. Top-Bellows Size
Symbol Description
20 20mm Diameter, only for X25, X30-type Suction Lips
40 40mm Diameter, only for X45, X55-type Suction Lips
60 60mm Diameter, only for X65, X75-type Suction Lips
3. Suction Lip
Symbol Description
X25 X-type Suction Lip, 25 mm Dia.
X30 X-type Suction Lip, 30 mm Dia.
X45 X-type Suction Lip, 45 mm Dia.
X55 X-type Suction Lip, 55 mm Dia.
X65 X-type Suction Lip, 65 mm Dia.
X75 X-type Suction Lip, 75 mm Dia.
4. Lip Material
Symbol Description
N6 Nitrile (NBR), 60° Hardness
S3 Silicone, 30° Hardness
S5 Silicone, 50° Hardness
W3 White Silicone, 30° Hardness
W5 White Silicone, 50° Hardness
W3(FDA) White Silicone, 30° Hardness (FDA)
W5(FDA) White Silicone, 50° Hardness (FDA)
U6 Urethane, 60° Hardness
PU Polyurethane, 60° Hardness
5. Stopper
Symbol Description
A A-type
B B-type
C C-type
D D-type
6. Filter
Symbol Description
Blank No Vacuum Filter
F2 Vacuum Filter, 200 mesh
7. Fitting
Symbol Description
18F G1/8 Female
14F G1/4 Female
38F G3/8 Female: Only for 60 mm Top & Middle Bellows
18M G1/8 Male
14M G1/4 Male
38M G3/8 Male
Download X-type Magic Suction Cup Catalog

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