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VSM 303 Series

Vacuum Speeder Module
Features and Strengths

• Efficient individual and independent point-of-use vacuum.
• Fast response time.
• Various mounting option.
• Maintains vacuum despite fluctuations and drops in air pressure.
• VMECA Twofold Silencer assures low noise levels

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Speeder Module Main Page
Symbol Description
1. Base Model
VSM303S-12F Vacuum cartridge VC303 incl. Twofold Silencer
VSM303N-12F Vacuum cartridge VC303 with non-return valve incl. Twofold Silencer
VSM302P-12F Vacuum cartridge VC302 incl. Holding plug
VSM302N-12F Vacuum cartridge VC302 with non-return valve incl. Holding plug
2. Mounting Options
F 4x screw M6 top, 6x plug G1/4” (direct mount)
MT12 M12 20mm screw top, 6x plug G1/4”
ML12 M12 20mm screw left, 6x plug G1/4”
MR12 M12 20mm screw right, 6x plug G1/4”
BT12 M12 20mm screw top, 6x plug G1/4, incl. mounting Bracket

303 S

303 N

302 P

302 N





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