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VCS202 Series

Vacuum Speeder Module
Features and Strengths

• Integrated Cartridge, Silencer, and Level Compensator
• High operational reliability despite fluctuating
• Compensate for differences in height
• Very Compact size
• Easily mountable and interchangeable vacuum cartridge

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Speeder Module Main Page
Symbol Description
1. Base Model
VCS202 Vacuum Speeder VCS202 Series
2. Thread for Suction Cup Connection
N18M NPSF1/8 Male for Fitting, NPSF1/8 Female for Air
N38M NPSF3/8 Male for Fitting, NPSF3/8 Female for Air
N12M NPSF1/2 Male for Fitting, NPSF1/2 Female for Air
18M G1/8 Male for Fitting, G1/8 Female for Air
38M G3/8 Male for Fitting, G3/8 Female for Air
12M G1/2 Male for Fitting, G1/2 Female for Air
3. Stroke
20 20 mm Stroke for Level Compensator
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