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M-Minimultiple Pump Series

Features and Strengths

This M-multiple model uses individual pumps to make up the complete unit, each pump is in itself a multi stage ejector unit. Each individual pump can be stacked to together thus creating a modular manifold based system. The advantages of this unit is that it can be operated using just two control valve while retaining individual vacuum lines separate to one another, therefore if any leakage or surface deformation occurs and one pad loses it vacuum, it does not effect the vacuum level in the other pads.

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Code Description Part Model#  
1. Base Model  
VTM5X Mini "M" Series Vacuum Pump, 1.0 scfm Vacuum Flow VTM5  
VTM10X Mini "M" Series Vacuum Pump, 1.2 scfm Vacuum Flow VTM10  
2. Number of Pump Stack  
N4 4-Stack    
N5 5-Stack    
N6 6-Stack - Maximum stack for VTX10, VTM10 is up to 6-stack    
N7 7-Stack    
N8 8-Stack    
N9 9-Stack    
N10 10-Stack    
N11 11-Stack    
N12 12-Stack - Over 12-Stack, will be installed two(2) Silencers    
N13 13-Stack    
N14 14-Stack    
N15 15-Stack    
N16 16-Stack    
  *Maximum stack for VTX10, VTM10 is up to 6-stack.    
  *VTX5, VTM5: Above 12-stack complete with 2 Silencers.    
  *VTX10, VTM10: Above 12-stack complete with 2 Silencers.    
3. Air Control Valve  
No Mark Without Air Control Valve    
A1 Air Control Valve, AC110V VMS14-1  
A2 Air Control Valve, AC220V VMS14-2  
A3 Air Control Valve, DC24V VMS14-3  
4. Type of Control Valve Terminal  
No Mark No selected Air or Vacuum Release Valve    
DN Solenoid Terminal, DIN type w/o lead wire    
DL Solenoid Terminal, DIN type w/lamp w/o lead wire    
CL Solenoid Terminal, Connector type w/lamp & 0.3m lead wire*    
  *Option CL is not available with DC24V.    
5. Size of Barb-Style Connection for Vacuum Tubing  
2 2 mm Inner Diameter Tube    
4 4 mm Inner Diameter Tube    
6. Sealing Material  
No Mark NBR    
V Viton Sealing Material    
E EPDM Sealing Material    
Download M-Minimultiple Pump Series Catalog

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