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M-Mini Pump Series

Features and Strengths

These M-Mini pumps are compact and low weight design. Although they are the smallest of the VTM range they still use a Multi Stage Ejector principal for generating the vacuum, these pumps provide large capacity vacuum flow combined with high grade plastic, making the
pumps resilient to most hazardous vapors. Because the pumps are too small they can be mounted locally to the vacuum requirement, even directly onto the back of suction cups if required.

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Code Description Part Model#  
1. Base Model  
VTM5 Mini "M" Series Vacuum Pump, 1.3 scfm Vacuum Flow VTM5  
VTM10 Mini "M" Series Vacuum Pump, 2.6 scfm Vacuum Flow VTM10  
VTM20 Mini "M" Series Vacuum Pump, 5.2 scfm Vacuum Flow VTM20  
VTM30 Mini "M" Series Vacuum Pump, 7.7 scfm Vacuum Flow VTM30  
2. Air Supply & Vacuum Port  
A Air - M5, Vacuum - G 1/8", Internal Silencer    
NA Air - M5, Vacuum - NPSF 1/8", Internal Silencer    
B Air - G 1/8", Vacuum - G 3/8", Internal Silencer    
BA Air - G 1/8", Vacuum - G 3/8", Internal Silencer, Aluminum Connection Body    
NB Air - NPSF 1/8", Vacuum - NPSF 3/8", Internal Silencer    
NBA Air - NPSF 1/8", Vacuum - NPSF 3/8", Internal Silencer, Aluminum Connection Body    
C Air - G 1/8", Vacuum - G 3/8", External Silencer    
NC Air - NPSF 1/8", Vacuum - NPSF 3/8", External Silencer    
3. Air Control Valve  
No Mark Without Air Control Valve    
A1 Air Control Valve, AC110V VMS14-1  
A2 Air Control Valve, AC220V VMS14-2  
A3 Air Control Valve, DC24V VMS14-3  
4. Type of Control Valve Terminal  
No Mark No selected Air or Vacuum Release Valve    
DN Solenoid Terminal, DIN type w/o lead wire    
DL Solenoid Terminal, DIN type w/lamp w/o lead wire    
CL Solenoid Terminal, Connector type w/lamp & 0.3m lead wire*    
  *Option CL is not available with DC24V.    
5. Vacuum Switch / Quick Release Module  
No Mark Without Vacuum Switch    
S1 Mechanical Vacuum Switch    
Q1 Quick Release Module, 12Cm3    
Q2 Quick Release Module, 30Cm3    
6. Sealing Material  
No Mark NBR    
V Viton Sealing Material    
E EPDM Sealing Material    
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