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Micro Cartridge Pump

Features and Strengths

•Integrated with VMECA vacuum cartridge
•Low Energy consumption & Saving cost
•Compact(10mm) design with Light weight
•High vacuum level (Max. -85kPa) in low compressed air (2~3bar)
•Modular system
•Quick response time & High flow
•Integrated with air control valve & vacuum release valve
•Push-in type direct hose fitting
•Easy to assemble & disassemble control valve unit

Build a Model Number  
Code Description    
1. Model  
CU 102 control Unit for Micro cartridge VC102    
2. Body type  
S Single unit    
M2 2 Stack    
M4 4 Stack    
M6 6 Stack    
M8 8 Stack    
M10 10 Stack    
3. Valves  
A Air Supply Control Valve : ◎(N.C.: Normal Closed)    
A Vacuum release Control Valve: ◎(N.C. : Normal Closed)    
B Air Supply Control Valve: ◎(N.C.: Normal Closed)    
B Vacuum Release Control Valve: -    
4. Vacuum switch  
No Mark Standard    
(P)C M8-3Pin Connector type    
(P)G LED wire type(3m lead wire)    
  *Remark: (P) - Output type: PNP open collector
 VCM8 42:
 · M8-3pin female connector
 · Available for 'C' or 'PC' type
5. Sealing  
No Mark Standard (NBR)    
V Viton Sealing Material    
E EPDM Sealing Material    

 Download Micro Cartridge Pump Catalog