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Mega PM Pumps

Main Advantages

• Maintains vacuum despite fluctuations and drops in air pressure.
• Various connection ports available.
• Fast evacuation time.
• Optional Air-Saving Kit (AS-KIT) available
  to minimize energy consumption.
• Optional factory installed air control
  vacuum release valves and digital vacuum switches available.
• Strong aluminum body.
• Easily mountable and maintainable with
  interchangeable vacuum cartridge (max. up to 16pcs cartridges)

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Code Description Part Model#  
1. Model  
MPM303X6 2046 NI/min    
MPM303X8 2728 NI/min    
MPM303X10 3410 NI/min    
MPM303X12 4092 NI/min    
MPM303X14 4774 NI/min    
MPM303X16 5456 NI/min    
2. Vacuum Port  
02 G1½” Port / No Silencer    
03 G2” Port No / Silencer    
04 G2½” Port No / Silencer    
02S G1½” Port / Silencer    
03S G2” Port / Silencer    
04S G2½” Port / Silencer    
3. Air Saving Kit  
No Mark Not included    
AS XX Air saving kit without Air solenoid valve    
ASVA1 ASV with AC110V    
ASVA2 ASV with AC220V    
ASVA3 ASV with DC24V    
ASVD1* ASV with AC110V    
ASVD2* ASV with AC220V    
ASVD3* ASV with DC24V    
A1 AC110V    
A2 AC220V    
A3 DC24V    
D1* AC110V    
D2* AC220V    
D3* DC24V    
* D: Double solenoid valve is available only with ‘DN’ or ‘DL’, section ⑤
4. Voltage of vacuum release control valve  
R1 AC100V    
R2 AC220V    
R3 DC24V    
5. Solenoid Terminal  
DN DIN type without lead wire    
DL DIN type with lamp without lead wire    
2B* DIN type ‘2 in 1’ BUS Cable(Air control v/v + vacuum release v/v)    
3B* DIN type ‘3 in 1’ BUS Cable(Air control v/v + vacuum release v/v + Digital switch)    
4B* DIN type ‘4 in 1’ BUS Cable((Double air control v/v + vacuum release v/v + Digital switch))    
* Double solenoid valve is not available
※ Remark
3B: Only DC24V is available 4B: Only DC24V is available   Only with 'S2' or 'S2P', section ⑥
6. Vacuum Switch  
No mark Vacuum gauge attached    
S2(P) Digital output 2 points, No analog supply. M8-4Pin male connector (0.3m lead wire)    
SG2(P) Digital output 2 points, No analog supply. Grommet type 4-Core 2m lead wire    
SG3(P) Digital output 2 points, Analog supply. Grommet type 5-Core 2m lead wire    
※ Remark
① S..(P) - Output type : PNP open collector
② VCM8 42 : M8-4Pin female connector wire only for type S2 or S2(P)
7. Non-return valve  
No mark Non included    
N Non-return valve    
8. Sealing  
No mark NBR    
V Viton    
E EPDM    

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