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VTML Series
Mega Pumps

Features and Strengths

The largest compressed air-driven vacuum pump on the market place, that is comparatively compact and light weight.  This pump mainly for the application wherever larger air volume to be evacuated or to compensate for the leakage flow must remarkable application for this pump will be in conveying system for granules, transferring bulk materials and gauge and mechanical on/off valve as standard. Air saving kit, solenoid valve, non-return valve, and with VITON or EPDM as seal options.

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Symbol Description
1. Base Model
VTML200 Mega Vacuum Pump, 200 Series
VTML400 Mega Vacuum Pump, 400 Series
VTML600 Mega Vacuum Pump, 600 Series
VTML800 Mega Vacuum Pump, 800 Series
VTML1000 Mega Vacuum Pump, 1000 Series
VTML1200 Mega Vacuum Pump, 1200 Series
2. Type of Exhaust
No Mark Free Flow Exhaust
CP Central Exhaust
3. Air Saving Kit
No Mark No Air Saving Kit
AS Air Saving Kit
4. Non-Return Valve
No Mark Without Return-Valve
N Non-Return Valve
5. Sealing Material
No Mark NBR
V Viton Sealing Material
E EPDM Sealing Material

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