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WF Series

Water Free Units

VMECA Water-Free will help you protect and remove up to 99% of the moisture in your air line with minimal pressure loss due to its simple dynamics design. The Water-Free requires no maintenance and electricity which can also increase your pneumatic products lifetime.

1. Characteristics  
  Specifications\Model WF38-AB WF12-AB WF34-AB WF01-AB
  Max Flow Rate (scfm) 50.0 70.6 106.0 176.6
  Pressure Drop (psi) 2.9 2.9 2.9 2.9
  Operating Pressure (psi) 44~142 44~142 44~142 44~142
  Water Drain Effect (%) 99 99 99 99
  Drainage Method Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
  Port Size G 3/8" G 1/2" G 3/4" G 1"
  Drain Outlet One Tuch Fitting for 6 mm Outer Diameter Hose
  Weight (lbs) 4.08 4.08 6.28 6.28
  Unit Size (inch) 3.54 x 14.25 3.54 x 14.33 4.17 x 17.04 4.17 x 17.04
2. Installation Lay-Out  
  3. Dimensions WF38-AB, WF12-AB, WF34-AB, WF01-AB
  4. What is Water Free  
Compressed air is a safe and reliable power source that is widely used throughout the industry. In proportion to its wide utilization, problems caused by coalesced liquid in compressed air are increasing rapidly. Therefore, Water Free Units are installed to remove moisture in compressed air to enhance its reliability.
Compressed air is supplied into ① Cover expanding rapidly through the ② DIFFUSER to become unstable by colliding with ③ MASH HOUSING separating it into water and moisture. Separated water collected at ④ MASH FILTER falls into the ⑥ AUTO DRAIN and reaches a certain height to drain off. Dried air comes through ⑤ BODY.
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