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VP32 Series

Vacuum Switch

Features and Strengths

• Sensor Outputs: 2 NPN or PNP Open Collector Transistor Output, 30VDC, 80mA
• Hysteresis and Window Comparator Mode
• Output Response Time Less Than 25.0 Milliseconds
• Applicable fluid: air, noncorrosive gas, incombustible gas

1. Model
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Code Description
1) Pressure Range
C compound pressure(-100.0~100.0 kPa)
V negative pressure(-101.3~0 kPa)
P positive pressure(0~1 MPa)
2) Switch output
01 2 NPN
03 2 PNP
3) Port size
F1 PT1/8" male, M5 female
4) Cable  
no mark Lead wire (2m)
C M8-4 pin male connector
5) Analog output  
no mark N/A
A Output voltage: 1~5V
VCM842 Connector
2. Specification
Model VP32 C.. VP32 V.. VP32 P..
Applicable Fluid air, noncorrosive gas, incombustible gas
Pressure Range -100.0 ~ 100.0 kPa 0.0 ~ -101.3 kPa 0.000 ~ 1.000 MPa
Withstand Pressure 300kPa 1.5MPa
Indicator resolution kPa 0.1 -
MPa - 0.001
kgf/㎠ 0.001 0.01
bar 0.001 0.01
psi 0.01 0.1
InHg 0.1 -
mmHG 1 -
Power supply voltage 12~24 VDC±10%, Ripple (P-P) 10% 이하
Current consumption ≤ 40 mA (with no load)
Switch output

NPN open collector
Max. load currunt : 125mA
Max. supply volatage: 30VDC
Residual voltage : ≤ 1.5V (load currunt 125mA)

PNP open collector
Max. load currunt : 125mA
Max. supply volatage: 24VDC
Residual voltage : ≤ 1.5V (load currunt 125mA)

Analog output* Output Voltage: 1~5V ≤ ±2.5%F.S.(within rated pressure range) Linearity : ≤±1% F.S. Output impedance : about 1㏀
Response time ≤2.5ms (chattering chattering-proof function : 25ms,100ms, 250ms, 500ms, 1000ms, and 1500ms selection)
Output shour circuit protection Yes
Indicator accuracy ≤±2% F.S ±1 digit (ambient temperature: 25±3℃)
Hysteresis One point set mode adjustable within 1~8digits
Hysteresis mode adjustable within 1~8digits
Window comparator mode Adjustable (3 digits)
Enclosure IP40
Ambient temp. range Operation: 0 ~ 50℃, Storage: -10 ~ 60℃ (No condensation or freezing)
Ambient humidity range Operation/Storage: 35~85% RH (No condensation)
Vibration Total amplitude 1.5mm or 10G, 10Hz-150Hz-10Hz scan for 1 minute, two hours each direction of X Y and Z
Shock 1000 ㎨ (10G), 3times each in direction of X Y and Z
Temperature characteristic ≤±2% F.S of detected pressure(25℃) at temp. Range of 0~±50℃
Port size F1:1/8"PT,M5
Lead wire Oil-resistance cable(0.15㎟)
Weight Approx. *80g (with 2-meter lead wire), Approx. *45g (with male connector)

3. Dimension

4. Output Circuit Wiring Graph
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