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VES Series

Electro-Mechanical Vacuum Switch
Features and Strengths

These switches use a vacuum actuated membrane to operate a mechanical micro switch. All switches can be wired Normally Closed or Normally Open. The vacuum level to which the switch operates can be set with the manually adjustable and lockable screw. The VES-02B comes with two fixing holes molded into the housing, whereas the VES-01B comes with fixings in two extended ears.

1. Model  
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Model Description
VES-01B Electro-Mechanical Vacuum Switch, Extended Ears Mounting Holes
VES-02B Electro-Mechanical Vacuum Switch, Body-Fixed Mounting Holes
2. Specifications  
Description VES-01B & VES-02B
Fluid used Air (Non Corrosive, Inflammable Gaseous Body)
Output function NO / NC
Pressure range 2.95~26.5 inHg (10~90kPa)
Hystresis, kPa ±5
Range of operating temperature  ~10~+80℃
Cable 3 X 0.75 mm2 X 0.5 m
Weight (g) 30
Operating humidity 85% RH or Less
Line voltage MAX. 250V / AC (30V/DC)
Output current Max. 7A
Vacuum connection Ø6 (Hose Out Diameter) or M5
3. Dimensions  
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